Group Companies

Symco Group comprises of Symco Software Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL), Symco Software Packages Pvt. Ltd. (SSPPL), Symco Consultant Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) and Data Mark (DM). The prime focus of Symco’s group is enterprise software products, solutions and IT services.

Symco Software Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company engaged in activities like Symco’s brand building, Business Associates network management, development and enhancement of software products and services.

Symco Software Packages Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in sales, implementation and support activities for software products and services and supporting our associates to perform these activities

Symco Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is a consultancy firm engaged in research and development, in-house technical consultancy to group companies, customization of application for its clients.

Data Mark is the company engaged in IT infrastructure and consulting.

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