Best Business Functionality

Symco knows the client requirements in a much better way than its competitors and is able to come up with solutions that are not only easy to integrate but also easy to implement. Symco’s vast industry experience from last two decades in enterprise software solutions helps its clients to benchmark best business practices.

Fully Customizable Application

Symco’s open architecture facilitates creation of user-defined forms and fields and definition of user defined triggers. It enables mapping of existing business practices, policies and controls, which makes it fully customizable application to suit your unique organizational needs. Symco can absorb any business processes and controls in order to leverage the best technology benefits to its clients.

Profiling & Personalization

Symco ERP series provides the facility to map your organization structure to the application by defining user profiling and the personalization. Online

Online Authorization

Symco has enhanced its application for online user authorization wherein users will have the facility to authorize business documents online with the provision of vertical and horizontal organization delegation module.


Symco’s ERP series integrates all the business functions of your organization in the real sense so that well-defined business control logic improvises your organization decision-making process.

Modular & Scalable – Adaptability to other software / applications

Symco provides modular implementation of ERP application to suit the current needs and budget of the clients thus saving the implementation time and investment.

The clients can create a hybrid solution by integrating their existing applications with the modular Symco ERP series.

Multi Location Distributed Application

The Symco ERP series can be deployed across distributed locations to integrate client’s warehouses, branch offices and facilitate online consolidation of data and related business activities.

Cross Level Securities

Symco ERP series offers well defined cross level securities to business transactions, data, and application thus addressing the security and confidentiality parameter of the organization.

Intelligent Data Entry Interface

Symco has developed user-friendly application interface along with online transactions that save tremendous amount of time and effort of end users to execute transaction online.

Dynamic Report Generation

For implemented applications, Symco provides the facility to run time modification of defined form and field along with dynamic report creation without accessing any technology code. This utility facilitates to absorb dynamism of the organization in ongoing-implemented system.

Intimation Module

Symco’s ERP series has messaging and business alert system that focuses on networked employees, suppliers and customers. This is achieved by configuring existing email interfaces in appropriate way in order to enhance company’s communication logistics.

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