• “Once we Customize the product as per our requirements; is it possible for us to load the updates, which is released by Symco from time to time?

    Definitely Yes! The unique features provided by open architecture makes it possible for you to update standard components without re-engineering customized code.

  • “Is it possible to consolidate data between various places such as factory and HO?

    The answer to the above question is “YES”. In fact we have successfully implemented different methods of data transfer depending upon the requirement needs of the organization. The same can be done in form of a simple method such as transfer of incremental data between the location via email or even complex methods such as replication of data through lease line or VSAT.

  • “Does the user have the flexibility to customize his requirement within software?

    One of the major features that our open architecture provides is the flexibility to satisfy the additional requirements of the client without making any changes in the standard codes.

  • “What is the duration required to implement the Full ERP system?

    A lot of factors such as knowledge of the user, number of locations, extent of customization etc are taken in to consideration while deciding the exact duration. However it takes an approximate of 2 to 4 months in implementing the complete ERP modules.

  • “Are your solutions pertaining to any specific industry or can be used across different industries?

    All types of industries can use the ERP solution provided by us. However since production module is dependant on type of the industry and its processes; we need to customize the same.

  • “Does Symco support the old version if the user declines to upgrade the same?

    Yes, Symco supports old version of software up to the time that technology and skill sets are available. For example, Symco had supported the quick basic version for almost 15 years until the problem of Y2K had occurred.

  • “What is the ROI (Return of Investment) we shall get in going for Symco Products?

    The ROI of Symco’s product differs from company to company. For some company the ROI could be in form of increasing their efficiency, for some by reducing the cost of operation and for some it could be by systematizing their internal control and system.

  • “Is it possible to integrate the third party software with your software?

    Very well, Symco’s product can be easily and seamlessly inter linked with third party software to get advantage of best-of- breed.

  • “What should be the size of Company suitable for Symco ERP?

    Symco has scalable ERP series, which is suitable to all size of companies.

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