Accounts & Finance

Symco ERP Series has complete accounting module and focuses on all statutory books of accounts, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking functions like cheque & pay-in slip printing, auto bank reconciliation, multi-currency operation, auto inter division contra entry, accountable and non accountable reversible and non-reversible provision entries.

Symco ERP series also covers financial functions like fund flow, cash flow and bill discounting module.


Symco ERP Series application facilitates most of the statutory requirements of taxation like TDS calculations with certificates and returns, sales and purchase tax summary, outstanding sales and purchase form monitoring, balance confirmation with parties and excise report.

Job and Revenue Costing

Symco ERP series has built in job and revenue costing tools that enhances production planning. This module covers Bill of Material, material issue, receipt and rejection, Work in progress along with different costing tools and variance analysis.

Budgetary Control

Symco ERP Series covers complete budgeting and costing functions like Capital and Revenue Budgetary control, sales and Cost center budgetary control, variance analysis and budget constraint alerts.

Sales Order System

Symco ERP Series helps to manage total sales order system and has covered sales functions like inquiry, quotation, order status and pre and post sales analysis.

Finished Good System

The finished good system covers functions like delivery challan, despatch advice, excisable and non-excisable Invoicing, online file reports and FG inventory analysis.


Symco ERP Series covers entire procurement cycle and encompasses purchase functions like requisitions, Purchase Order, automated alerts for RFQ (Request for Quotation), material inward and quality control, electronic bill passing system, online BOM with various methods of valuation, tolerance limit with auto foreclosure of PO, vendor registration and vendor analysis.

Inventory Control System

Symco ERP Series encompasses entire inventory control with business control logistics by focusing on flexible receipt and issue unit with all standard issue methods, standardization of code, ABC Analysis, FSN Analysis, automated stock level adjustment and alert, ageing analysis and warehouse management.

Production Planning

Symco ERP Series enables users to plan for material requirement based on planning process. The system reports on requirements of products based on work order floated, Bill of Material, pending purchase order and existing stock.


Symco ERP Series provides subcontracting business process by extending functionality to support subcontracted material accounting with Job bill passing.

Payroll System

Symco ERP Series has well defined payroll system covering payroll functions like employee attendance, leave calculation, organization salary structure, PF, FPF, PPF, Medical, loans and advances along with all statutory requirement of the company. It has most of functions right from integrating card punching machine till automated generation of pay slips.

EIS System

Symco ERP Series has best Executive Information System covering dynamic query builder, user defined grouping of data for MIS, pyramid reporting, pre-defined report layouts and data alerts.

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