Shower Foot Scrubber Mat


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With this foot scrubber, treat yourself to a foot spa experience at home. It can massage your tired achy feet after a long day standing or walking. Reach every pressure point and massage as hard or as light as you’d like. Besides, with many bristles your feet can get a clean that they ever got before!

  • FOOT CLEANER: Adopt a unique bristle design with long bristles on top to help a deep clean between toes while the short part bristles clean the sole of feet.
  • FOOT MASSAGER: After a long time standing or working, the scrubber relaxes your sore feet and relieves the fatigue when using it for shower.
  • NON SLIP DESIGN: There are total 128 suction cups on the bottom to prevent slipping when you are showering. It can firmly attach to the floor and stay in place.
  • NO NEED TO BEND OVER: When using it for cleaning, no need to bend over or try to keep balance when cleaning your feet. Just move back and forth on the brush and your feet will be clean.
  • SIZE TO FIT: It can support two feet on the surface. Moreover, there is a hook at the top of this shower foot scrubber, which is easy to hang for room saving.
  • Dimensions: 12.01 x 1.7 x 9.85


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