Reusable Laundry Cleaning Ball


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Put the laundry ball into the washing machine, the cushioning effect of the laundry ball can prevent knotting between clothes. The friction of the external protruding of the laundry ball and the water pressure will increase the effect of washing!

  • Activated molecules (clusters) are released during launder
  • Cleaner and brighter fabric/clothes, eliminates mold and pathogenic organisms
  • Prevent skin allergy and irritation, cleaning, bleaching, and sterilizing
  • Killing bad germs and saving good germs, softener effects and static electricity prevention
  • Washing Balls is home essential, mother’s a good helper
  • Size: 10.8×9.5cm
  • Color: Randomly selected
  • Material: TPR + ceramic particle material
  • TPR + ceramic particle materials, decontamination at the same time, prevent clothing winding (recommended 2 use effect is better).


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