Pet Massage Shower Sprayer with Towel


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OWNPETS Shower Sprayer is a multifunctional shower sprayer designed for all pets. With it, you can bathe and massage your little furry friend simultaneously with one hand. The button on the handle allows you to control the water flow. Long silicone massage needles not only provide a deep clean but also ease your pet’s anxiety while bathing. It greatly reduces water and shampoo consumption compared to standard bathing. Your pet will fell comfortable and no long anxious while bathing.

  • 2-In-1 Shower Sprayer: This 2-in-1 shower sprayer is a creative design. You can use it as a shower sprayer and a massage brush. It not only helps you effectively clean the dirt on your pet’s body but also gives your pet a luxurious massage during bathing.
  • Easy to Use: You can use the button on the sprayer handle to control the water flow. One-hand operation makes it possible to switch the strength of water pressure. It allows you to easily bathe your pet and also ease your pet’s anxiety. You can open the cover and add shower get to it, which can bathe your pet cleaner.
  • Premium Eco-Friendly Material: The shower sprayer is made of premium, eco-friendly silicone and ABS material. Long silicone massage needles won’t scratch your pet. Bathe and massage your pet at the same time, your pet will definitely love bathing!
  • Easy to Install: The connector of the sprayer hose is multifunctional and suitable to connect the hose to non-threaded faucets. It fits faucets of different sizes. You can tighten it with a buckle and install it in your bathroom, outdoor garden, household faucets and more. It can also be connected to a water heater.
  • For All Purposes: This shower sprayer is suitable for both pets and people. You can directly install it at home in your bathroom. You can use it as an ordinary shower sprayer and give your pet or yourself a pleasant, relaxing bathing time.
  • Color: Blue
  • Product weight: 441g
  • Product size: 9.25″/23.5cm x 3.15″/8cm


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