Lint Remover for Pet Hair and Fur


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Pet Hair Remover, Lint Roller, Lint Remover for Pet Hair and Fur. Dog and Cat Hair Remover for Furniture, Carpets, Car, Clothing and More

  • Decent Material: Consists of an ABS body with PP roller and nylon etiquette brush. High quality material can prolong the service life of product and improve the working efficiency in an all round way.
  • Easy Operation: No power source needed, you can use it everywhere you want. Quickly and efficiently remove fur and hair of pets on the furniture and clothes by simply moving back and forth without hassle and bustle.
  • Super Convenient: Easy to clean the gathering fur and hair in the roller, just open the lid and remove the pet fur and hair without replacing a new one. Use a moist cloth to wipe after each time use. (warning: should not wash the brush surface directly with water). Provide a wall mount to help you organizing the remover better.
  • Wide Range Of Use: Can be suitable for furniture, carpets, bedding, clothing, car and so on, You can remove fur and hair of pet everywhere you want. Can also fit for most of furs and hairs of pet, like dog, cat, rabbit and etc. Cute cat decorative sticker will make the roller more adorable.


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