HARFO Fingerprint Door Level Lock with Touchscreen and OLED Display Screen


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Fully reinforce of the body structural and locking parts make it much more durable and safe. Main part assembled with heavy duty zinc alloy and stainless steel. The surface is treated with special oxidation to prevent scratches.

  • 4-in-1 unlock, fingerprint, access card, pass code, metal key.
  • HARFO smart lock will auto lock after every access, always be safe.
  • No more need to carry any heavy keys. New 3D fingerprint sensor will make each assess quick and easy.
  • HARFO smart lock provides enhanced security when you enable private lock from inside, Only admin user can access.
  • Whit OLED display and English voice guide, you can simply use the touchscreen to set up every program.
  • Powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries (not included), HARFO smart lock can last up 9 months to 1 year under normal use.
  • Reversible handle design to fit both right & left direction single door.
  • After enable passage mode, it will be lock free. Everyone can access the door without verify.
  • Verify 2 users in one time to unlock the door. This feature will increase the security level for some special room.
  • Need to drill 1 screw hole.(Drill bit include)
  • Fit the U.S. standard knob hole size.(diam 2 1⁄8” 54mm)
  • Adjustable Deadbolt Mortise: 2 3⁄8” (60mm) or 1 3⁄4” (70mm)
  • Fit door thickness from 1 3⁄8 inch(35mm) to 2 3⁄16 inch(55mm)
  • Lock size: 68.5mm*183mm*78mm(WLH)
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Battery required: 4pcs 1.5v AA battery (NOT included)
  • Door Handing: Reversible (Left or Right)
  • Back-up Keys: 2 keys
  • Working Environment: -4~140℉(-20~60℃)
  • HARFO Smart Lock (F01)
  • 2 x Set of Mounting Screws
  • 1 x Set of Spare Parts
  • 1 x Strike Plate + Assembly
  • 1 x Drill bit
  • 3 x Access Card (unregistered )
  • 2 x Metal Keys
  • User Manual & Install Templates


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