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Have you ever troubled by mosquitoes problems? In fact, mosquitoes are an annoying and possibly very dangerous problem that you and your loved ones face every time spring and summer comes around. Luckily, you can now say goodbye to all the toxic and chemical-filled mosquito trap because we have designed a better alternative: the mosquito killer lamp. Adopt LED lamp emitting ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes, which has longer lifespan with LED light beads. Internal high-voltage grid can effectively kill pest in seconds. It’ll make barbecues, camping, parties, and any other outdoor occasion much more enjoyable.

  • Kill Mosquitoes Efficiently – This product is to use on mosquitoes only. UV light bulbs emit 365nm wavelength. This wavelength has a fatal attraction of insect’s mosquito. Mosquitoes are attracted to the light source, and then they will be trapped into the mosquito tray under strong cyclone. Powerful cyclone will make the mosquito dehydrated and died.
  • Safe Friendly & Non-toxic – iMounTEK electronic mosquito trapper is 100% safe for humans and pets, as it contains no chemicals, emits no radiation and is entirely non-toxic. Unlike other similar products, you won’t have to worry about weird smells and your kids will have a much healthier environment. This amazing device is entirely safe for the whole family!
  • Silent Sleep Night – The sound is less than 35db, and enjoy one night without mosquitoes. Please do not put this insect killer near you and put it under the bed for better results.
  • Easy to Clean – All that you must do in order to clean and disinfect the electric mosquito killer, empty the tray with the dead in mosquitoes.
  • Compact & Portable – Super lightweight and compact design; weight only 0.61 pound and does not need to take up too much space, put the mosquitoes trap in your backpack for camping or trip, easily to carry with you.
  • 1 x Electric Mosquito Trap
  • 1 x User Manual


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