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Put your hand under the sensor about 5cm/2inch, start working for continuously until liquid soap come out from nozzle, fast hand disinfection and prevent cross infection. Only need 2 seconds of induction. Its considerate visible window enables you to see the remaining soap and timely refill. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, barber shop, and restaurant toilet, hotel, office, public area, etc..

  • Auto Hands-free Cleaning: Automatic hand soap dispenser with sensor, put your hand under the sensor 2in, and let the dispenser to start working for continuously until liquid soap come out from nozzle.
  • Fast Induction: The soap dispenser has a capacity of 200ml/8.45oz. It will drop liquid when sensor your hand only about 2 seconds. Each time for 1ml. If you need more, please hold your hand and wait for around 2 seconds, then it will come out again. No waste!
  • Considerate Window To Know When To Refill: Designed with a considerate visible widow on product body to see the remaining volume in real time. Open this dispenser cover and refilling gel to the container.
  • Anti-slip Design: There are 3 small pads under the base of this dispenser, which can prevent slip. No need to mount installment, easy to use, you can place it at any place for convenient use.
  • Wide Applications: Our soap dispenser is compatible with a variety of liquids to suit your needs. Such as soap dispenser, hands cleaner, kitchen dish soap, lotion gel, etc.. High-Performance motor, infrared detection, premium ABS materials with good impact resistance and corrosion resistance, optimal choice for kitchen, bathroom, barber shop, restaurant toilet hotel, office etc..
  • It requires 4 AAA 1.5V Batteries (not included). When installing, please check “+” and “-” symbols of battery and soap dispenser to install correctly.
  • If the soap dispenser cannot dispense the soap properly, please poke the nozzle of the soap dispenser by hand, so that the internal straw can contact with the air to dispense the soap
  • When using for the first time, you need to sense the soap dispenser 2-3 times in order to fill the straw with soap
  • Not include liquid.
  • When the liquid level is low, please add liquid. Otherwise the dispenser will not pump out any liquid
  • When light is flashing, it means battery low. Please change the batteries
  • Please do NOT shake the devices to avoid any serious damage
  • Please take out the battery if long time no use
  • Please make sure the liquid cover is well mounted. Otherwise the liquid will come out
  • This devices is design for bathroom and kitchen
  • Please do NOT place the device in water to avoid any damage
  • Please do NOT place the device in direct sunshine to avoid any damage
  • Normal working temperature is 3゜C-40゜C/37.4°F-104°F
  • 1x Automatic Soap Dispenser
  • 1x User Manual


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