9" Heavy Duty Belt Hole Punch Hand Pliers


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Punch clean sharp holes easy and fast on your own for your leather belt, watchband, shoe strap, handbag, saddle, pet collar, paper cards, hangtags or other leather/paper/plastic/rubber items, cutting time and cost substantially. It offers 6 hole gauge options that can be selected easily by rotating the hole die counterclockwise into place.

  • Punch clean sharp holes easy and fast with 6 hole gauge options
  • Heat treated punch hole dies switch easily by counterclockwise rotation
  • Ergonomically spring loading mechanism helps maximize force output and reduce hand fatigue
  • Nonslip handles fit comfortably in palm
  • Crafted from heavy-duty zinc coated carbon steel
  • Lock after use for easy transport and storage
  • Suitable for leather/paper/plastic/rubber items like belts, watchbands, handbags, saddles, shoe straps, pet collars, paper cards, hangtags and etc
  • Great for home use and business


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