6-Pack: Pubg Mobile Finger Sleeve Anti-Sweat Breathable


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Ultra-sensitive and ultra-thin professional players’ choice.

  • The surface is completely covered with silver fiber, and the finger sleeve has ultra-high sensitivity everywhere. It can accurately restore your sliding every micron, every click, no mistakes, help you break through the current bottleneck.
  • This finger sleeve is made by hand-stitching sterling silver fiber cloth. There may be a slight difference in the appearance of each finger cot. The disadvantage is that there is a flaw directly above the fingernail, but it does not affect the use; the advantage is that it fits the finger very well
  • The silver fiber material we use is not only ultra-thin and ultra-sensitive, but its friction coefficient is close to the friction between the finger and the screen. Not too slippery like a textile finger sleeve
  • The fingertips made of silver fiber fabric are cooler and more comfortable than other rubber and cotton finger sleeves. Thanks to its ultra-thin thickness, you won’t feel stuffy even on a hot summer day
  • 0.01″(0.5mm) Ultra-Thin
  • 6-Pack
  • Ultra-thin, Excessive sweat can affect its performance, so this finger sleeve is not suitable for people with hyperhidrosis.
  • Its elasticity is not as good as the textile finger. If your finger is thick, I suggest you buy a textile finger.
  • The surface is covered with silver ions, After a period of use, it will be blackened by oxidation.
Sizing Guide:
Size Length Circumference Suitable for Finger Circumference
S 1.88″ 1.41″ 1.41″-2.36″
M 1.88″ 1.61″ 1.65″-3.46″ 


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