3-Pack: Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue 6 Oz


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Create spiker styles. It’s for hair that ain’t going nowhere. Push Got2b Styling Spiking Hair Glue through the hair to put it in place. Twist tips into stand up straight spikes or haphazardly distributing them all over for that unstructured, messy look. Delivers hold so strong (it’s wind tunnel tested) your style will last until your next shampoo. And of course, (we won’t forget this part) it’s water resistant. Use it on damp hair. Squeeze a small amount into palms, rub your hands together and distribute evenly throughout the hair. For over the top spikes, apply to finger tips and pull through hair twisting at the tips. For extra hold: Slightly dampen the tips of spikes and reapply a small amount of glued formula to make your spikes extra stiff.

  • SCREAMING HOLD: Create stiff, stand-up spikes or an unstructured, messy look
  • WATER RESISTANT: Delivers hold so strong your style will last
  • WIND-TUNNEL TESTED: Tested to withstand intense conditions including wind
  • USE FOR: Screaming hold; Spike, grip, chunk
  • IN THE BOX: Pack includes three 6 ounce Spiking Hair Glue tubes for a total of 18 ounces.


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