23-Piece: AGPtek Reusable Nylon Fastening Cable Ties Rolls With Cable Straps Organizer


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The fastening tape is widely used in daily supplies, such as computer wires, guitar cables, mic wires, mobile phone charging cables, posters, and other electronics extension cords, which is no doubt an ideal option for cord organization and management.

  • Various Color Selection: It comes with a variety of colors for you to choose from, together with two different styles. Three colors among red, blue and yellow can be cut to any size you want, while black and white colors with buckles design for a fixed length so as to make the bundle wires steadier.
  • Flexible, Tough and Durable: The material of this fastening tape is made from Nylon, which is recognized for being thin and flexible, but also valued for its toughness and durability. As a result, the self-adhesive is strong and long lasting and it’s very easy to be adjusted and cut to any desired size.
  • Versatile-Use: These useful fastening cable ties have a wide range of applications in daily lives, you can use them to collect and sort out different kinds of messy computer cables to make it well organized and keep tidy in place. Meanwhile, they can also be used in daily supplies, such as earphones, charging cables, posters etc.
  • Size and Length: The product size of red, yellow and blue is 0.47 * 78.7 inches and the size of black and white is 0.47 * 5.9 inches. Of which, the length of red, yellow and blue respectively reaches to 6.6 ft, 19.7 ft in all. There are 20 rolls together in black and white colors, 10 rolls for each color.
  • 1 * 6.6ft Red
  • 1 * 6.6ft Blue
  • 1 * 6.6 ft Yellow
  • 10 * White
  • 10 * Black


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