2-Pack: Battery Operated Under Hood Garage Rodent Repellent


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Ultrasonic Rodents Repeller controls the mouse, rats and other rodent animals away from your vehicle by issuing an ultrasonic sound and LED strobe lights (Device has ON/OFF button).

  • Can be Used Anywhere: This pest repeller supports powered by dry batteries, rechargeable batteries, DC power and vehicle batteries, so you can use it anywhere such as under hood, car trunk, garage, lawn mover, shed, room, warehouse, etc.
  • Human & Safe for Humans: No chemicals, non-toxic, Our insect & rodent deterrent 100% safe to human and pets, no need to clean up dead pests, no more need to call pest control technician for help; Ultrasound will not bother human ear
  • Energy Saving: Repeller built-in vibration sensor so that it can auto standby to save battery power when the car starts and automatically resumes working after the last vibration detected for 2 minutes.


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