12-Piece: Standard Acoustic Electric Plectrums Guitar Picks


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This standard guitar pick set contains 6 types of color-coded picks from thin to heavy gauge that allows you find the one most suitable for your play style whether it’s playing chords, lead, or flat picking. The matte finish makes the grip firm while your hand can remain relaxed improving faster picking. Each type of picks is color coded for easy selection and searching even when lost.

  • Includes 6 types of color-coded picks in different gauge (thin, medium and heavy)
  • Produces warm, clear bright tones and offers a greater tone contrast across different strings
  • Great for speed playing, strumming, and palm-muted riffs
  • Matte finish allows for a firm grip
  • Suitable for electric/acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin and ukulele
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • Set includes: 2 x 0.5mm, 2 x 0.6mm, 2 x 0.73mm, 2 x 0.88mm, 2 x 1.0mm, 2 x 1.14mm


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