12-Pack: AGPtEK Double Line Outline Pen


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The double line outline pen can be automatically created a dual-color effect due to our unique technology. What surprises you most is that the border of metallic silver color is surrounded by different colors of pen you use when drawing the picture. The ink adhesion with bright colors and well-defined lines make it easy for you to use.

The self-outline metallic markers are 100% non-toxic, odorless and acid-free, which complies with standard for safety. The whole set of double line outline pens are suitable for people of all ages. It is highly recommended that children under 3 years old should be under adult supervision when using the product.

With 12 different colors of these double line outline markers, you can use them to write letters or draw pictures. Therefore, you will find them with amazing dual-color effects as two colors are marked by each pen. They are way applicable to those who are engaged in writing and handicrafts.

  • Unique & Special Glitter Pen: We use pigment ink for these double line outline pens. They can be drawn in bright and vivid metallic silver colors that are surrounded by colorful borders. The unique technology is used to make an incredible outline and thus, creating a dual-color effect.
  • Safe & Non-toxic Material: The double line outline pen metallic markers have already been proven to be 100% non-poisonous and unpalatable, thereby living up to safety standard. The ultra-fine tip made from nylon is fast-drying, fade-resistant and environmentally-friendly.
  • Diversified Colors: There are two colors of these self-outline metallic markers for you to choose from. Each pen is equipped with two different colors for you to mark. You can depict the letters in different colors with these dual color pens, thus adding a lot of fun to writing and drawing.
  • Easy To Use: You should shake the outline markers well enough to mix the ink with the tip upwards before use. Then take off the pen cap and gently press the tip down on the surface of paper for a while until the ink flows back to the tip. It is appropriate to light-colored cardboard paper.
  • Tips & Perfect Gifts: In order to achieve the best results, please cover the outline markers with caps right after use and place them horizontally. Please note that paper that weighs above 80gsm is recommended to be used, otherwise, a minor scratch would be appeared on the paper. It is great for making all kinds of DIY stuff, such as stamps, gift cards, greeting cards and Christmas cards etc.
  • Includes: 12 x Double Line Outline Pens


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