Blow Plast Ltd.
The then existing Financial Accounting System developed in-house was in hatch mode & had outlived its utility. It was not online & consolidation was cumbersome resulting in delays in accounts finalisation. We were about to begin in-house development & came across Symco through an innocuous mailer. After initial excellent report from Asian Paints, Symco package was selected after lot of deliberation followed by detailed evaluation & today we are proud to be associated with them.

The package is quite comprehensive, yet simple & has rich drill down / reporting features. It was modified and customised in short time to suit our requirements, like new additional fields / checks at data entry level & automatic breakup of an expense across divisions. With this we have derived the benefits of packaged as well as customised software. In our distributed computing environment consisting of 21 branches & H.O., with limited online connectivity, the data transfer process is automatic with adequate controls for error free consolidation.

Their dedicated team members at all levels are quite enthusiastic & integrated well with our users. We wish them success in their future endeavors.

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